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The Power of Eleventh House

We are a full service business consulting firm providing marketing, financial, and AI consulting services.  

Sabrina Guice is a standout in the entrepreneurial and financial advisory landscape, making her leadership at Eleventh House Enterprises a top pick for those seeking seasoned guidance and forward-thinking strategies.

Armed with a bachelor's degree from Fisk University and further honed by specialized training from Temple University's early entrepreneurial incubator program, Guice boasts a robust background that has seen her adeptly navigating and excelling in various challenging business environments. Her strategic prowess was highlighted in 2023 when she acquired a franchise digital marketing agency from WSI, a titan in the global market, reflecting her dedication to leveraging cutting-edge solutions for her clients.  Beginning in 2024, her private equity firm, Blue Ribbon Wealth Advisors, will primarily operate in the Mergers and Acquisitions space and financial planning for high net worth individuals/families.  


Having served as a former Vice President and Financial Advisor at JP Morgan Chase, Guice successfully managed a varied client base along with assets exceeding $40 million. Her experience at Edward Jones further cemented her status as a trusted financial steward, managing upwards of $20 million in assets.  She still maintains several key licenses, including Series 7, Series 66, and Georgia life insurance. Guice's extensive experience working with business of a variety of sizes and her enthusiasm for partnering with driven entrepreneurs aiming to create lasting legacies truly set her apart.

About Sabrina

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Vision For Eleventh House 



In this visionary pursuit, Eleventh House Enterprises endeavors to pioneer the forefront of digital marketing, embarking on a journey of innovation and creativity. With a dedicated team of forward-thinking experts, we aim to revolutionize the digital landscape by developing cutting-edge strategies tailored to each client's unique needs.


Through relentless experimentation and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, we aspire to redefine industry standards and set new benchmarks for digital excellence.


Pioneering Digital Frontiers



Driven by a passion for operational excellence, Eleventh House Enterprises envisions a future where businesses thrive on the foundation of streamlined operations and innovative solutions. With a personalized approach and a deep understanding of our clients' objectives, our team of experts will harness the power of technology and strategic planning to optimize processes and drive efficiency.


By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and embracing emerging technologies, we aim to empower businesses to achieve unparalleled success in an ever-evolving landscape.


Cultivating Operational Ingenuity



In our vision for financial empowerment, Eleventh House Enterprises is committed to guiding individuals and businesses towards a future of financial stability and prosperity. With a team of dedicated advisors who prioritize the personal touch, we will provide bespoke financial planning strategies tailored to each client's goals and aspirations.


By leveraging our expertise and staying abreast of industry trends, we aim to empower our clients to make informed decisions and secure their financial futures with confidence and clarity.


Empowering Financial Futures



At Eleventh House Enterprises, we envision a future where holistic consultancy is the cornerstone of business success. By integrating digital marketing, operational optimization, and financial advisory services with a personal touch, our team will orchestrate a symphony of innovation and strategic insight.

Through collaborative partnerships and a deep commitment to our clients' success, we will navigate the complexities of business with agility and foresight, ultimately leading to sustainable growth and prosperity.


Orchestrating Holistic Success

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